Rubin Haim
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Welcome to Rubin Ben Isaack Haim Community Center!

I would like to introduce you to a project that was started as a promise to my late father. My father’s dream was to build a Community Center, a place where any man, woman or child can come to for help. 

Message From: Arthur Rubinoff, Co-Founder. 

Certain unfortunate events in my life motivated me to expand my father’s vision and  in addition to a Community Center, I will also build a Free Daycare facility for the children of widowed parents "Angels Day care". Angel's Daycare, Our facility will provide the right environment and care for children ages 1-5 years old. We will help these children grow, learn and gain new skills in a safe place, under a supervision of a trained licensed staff. Our center will allow struggling parents, to go out and get jobs to support themselves and raise their children. All of our services will be provided free of charge.

To help us build and maintain our facility, we accept donations in a form of money, cars, trucks, boats, electronics, antiques all as a tax deductible donation. For info please call 800-401-1708 - Same day pick up available.

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