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Rubin Haim
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About the Founder

Arthur Rubinoff

Arthur Rubinoff is the 4th generation first-class master barber with more than 30 years of personal experience. Has a clientele of the high-profile CEOs and A-list celebrities. Leading educator of personal unique techniques. Health and wellness enthusiast, constantly maintaining philanthropic activities.

Arthur Rubinoff was born in Fergana, Soviet Union, in 1974, in a family of an innovative and pioneer at his time barber, - Rubin. Arthur started doing jobs around the father’s barber shop when he was only nine years old and learned the business from the ground up. Performed his first haircut at the age of fourteen. The same year Rubinoff family immigrated to the United States. Arthur became a licensed barber as soon as he was old enough and took a leading role in the growth of his family’s business. Who has started opening brand name REAMIR Barber Shops in New York City since 1991. Proprietary REAMIR Men’s Grooming Product line was launched in 2007. NYC Barber Shop Museum created by Arthur Rubinoff and sponsored by REAMIR & Co established in 2018.


About Rubin ben Isaack Haim Community Center

The purpose of developing the Rubinhaim Community Center and Angel’s Day Care is to help widowed parents raise their children and to establish a good life. At Angel’s Day Care, we believe that every child is a precious, G-d given being, with social, physical, emotional, and intellectual needs. It is our purpose to meet these needs when the child is in our care.

We strive to build confidence and good attitudes with belief that the feeling of self worth is one of the greatest attributes that we can instill in a child.

Our parents can rest assured that their child will receive the best available care upon the launch of our center. 

The daycare services will be Free of Charge to all children of the widowed parents. Here are some of the highlights to Angel's Day Care:

  • Our facility will be equipped with the latest monitoring systems in every classroom and parents will have monitoring access via internet any time of the day to see how their child is doing.
  • There will be a full time chef on premises that will provide hot nutritional meals & fresh squeezed juices.
  • Proper education and guidance will be provided by our well trained and certified teachers.

While this facility is being built we appreciate any/all help. Please take your time and open your hearts to make a donation for our cause.

We all greatly thank you in advance!

Recent Testimonials 

I was a recipient of a charity program many years ago. Now that I am blessed with a comfortable life, I wanna give back something to help others. Rubinhaim Charity Donation has a good noble program. As I have a soft spot for those in need I am donating my boat to this organization. To you guys out there, please take part, as you will certainly be rewarded with your kind charitable gesture!


Thank you Rubinhaim Charity Donation for solving my problem! I wanted to get rid of my old car and I cannot decide how to do it. A big thank you  you were very helpful. I just had to call you and you did everything. You sent someone out within 4 hours of my call. Your service is top-notch! That was a fast removal of my car. And as a bonus you gave me a receipt for tax reduction. It was like a give-and-take relationship. Great stuff!


What hardworking and committed guys they have at Rubinhaim Charity Donation! They were all a great pleasure to deal with. They absolutely do serious work to benefit the needy members of the community. I am sure the car I just donated will go a long way. Now I want to do my part by convincing others to do their share of charity donation.

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